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Ryanair fly into

Vias airport : 28km

Perpignan airport : 94km

Carcassone airport : 99km

Girona airport (spain) : 198km


Canal du Midi

"A master piece of human creative genius".

On 7 December 1996 the canal was inscribed on Unesco's list of world cultural heritage sites.

The energy of Pierre Paul Riquet combined with the political environment of the reign of Louis XIV was needed to bring this project to life, but the concept existed a millenium and a half earlier.

The canal is a beautiful and tranquil waterway, connecting the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea. 240km long, 10m wide and 2m deep.

The canal du midi is the oldest working canal in the world.


Béziers (7km)

There is a lot to see and do in Beziers, an attractive town which rises up a hill from the many old stone bridge accross the river Orb, towards the Saint Nazaire Cathedral above the town.

Beziers is known for two things in particular : wine and bullfighting. But these apart, there are many sights of interest in this town full of history.

Beziers was a Roman colony in 36BC and an important point on the route from Rome to Madrid.

In 1209, the town was burnt down and its 20000 people put to death in the catholic crusade against the cathars.


Admire the architecture, wander through the cobblestone streets and discover

- Saint Nazaire Cathedral

- Musée des Beaux Arts

- Le Pont Vieux

- Les Halles

- Basilique Sainte Aphrodise

- Place de la Madeleine


The main street in Béziers is the "Allées Paul Riquet", here just wander down and admire.



Here you will find a long sandy beach, just 20mins from Colombiers


General attractions in Herault